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Oldham-type couplings clamping with grub screw

  • Robust
  • Clamping with threaded pins ensures markedly shorter assembly times
  • Free of play
  • Simple assembly (push-fit system)
  • Short construction length
Special features:

from £29.79

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Centre disc polyacetal.
Hub aluminium.
Clamping the hub with a grub screw is a cost-effective alternative to the Oldham-type couplings with radial clamping hub (23030). Short mounting times.
The couplings can be mounted completely assembled or a plug-in assembly is also possible. Take note of the tightening torque for the grub screw. To ease removal we recommend milling a flat on the shaft.
The shaft to hub hole fit is a transition fit. The play should be min. 0.01 mm and max. 0.04 mm i.e.
shaft: Ø 6 f7
hub: Ø 6 H8.
- robust
- plug-in
- play-free
- short design
Hub bores D1 and D2 with separate tolerance class or range.