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Worm drives

  • Smooth and quiet power transmission
  • Simple screw fastening
  • 7 ratios from 13:1 to 65:1
  • Housing sealed to prevent grease leakage and keep dust out
  • Direction of rotation on the shaft is arbitrary
Special features:

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Housing aluminium.
Worm screw steel, worm wheel special brass.
Housing anodised.
Ball bearing with rubber sealing washer RS.
Universally applicable and maintenance-free worm drive in one size with a centre distance of 20 mm and 7 different ratios. The housing is sealed to prevent grease leakage and keep dust out. These are left hand worm gears. The rotation direction on the shaft is arbitrary.

- smooth power transmission
- simple screw fastening
- quiet
Technical Data
Radial backlash: ±1°
Duty cycle: 20% (at 5 min.)
Service life: ca. 1000 hours (at full load, speed 500 rpm and duty cycle 20%)
Temperature range
-20 °C to +60 °C.
FR permissible radial force at FA=0
FA permissible axial force at FR=0