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Telescope rails S-form

  • Full extension comprising two guide rails and one intermediate element
  • Strokes of up to 1516 mm
  • High load rating of up to 4590 N with low deflection
  • High area moment of inertia and high rigidity
  • Hardened tracks and balls
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Balls, rails and runners roller bearing steel.
Rail and runner electro zinc-plated.
Tracks inductive hardened.
Balls hardened.
Full extension consisting of two guide rails as fixed and moving elements and an S-shaped intermediate element. The latter has a high area moment of inertia and high rigidity with a slim construction. This results in a high load rating with a low amount of bending in the extended state. The maximum travel is greater than the closed length of the telescopic slide.

Use grade 10.9 DIN EN ISO 10642 countersunk head screws to install the slide.
The maximum traversing speed is 0.8 m/s.

Application temperature -30 °C to +110 °C.
Other lengths (steps 80 mm).
Size 28 up to max. 1490 mm.
Size 43 up to max. 1970 mm.
Drawing reference
1) for countersunk screw DIN 7991