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Rotary stages with electronic position indicator

  • 360° travel with no end plate
  • Self-locking and hardened spindle
  • Angle of rotation is indicated directly on the LCD display
  • Maintenance-free
  • Modular design offers simple combination options
Special features:

from £480.95

plus sales tax


Body and rotary table Al alloy, anodised.
Spindle steel, case-hardened.
Spindle bearing maintenance-free.
Position indicator plastic.
Radial play of rotation axis < 0.015 mm.
Axial play of rotation axis < 0.02 mm.
Repeat accuracy < 0.05°.
Spindle self-locking.
360° adjustment with no end stop.
The position indicator displays in 0.1° increments clockwise. The angle of rotation is indicated directly on the large LCD display. The rotary stage rotates anti-clockwise. Reset, chain dimension and offset settings can be made via the keypad.
2 years battery life. The battery is quick and easy to replace.
The mounting position of the position indicator is set in 4 positions using one screw.

Transmission ratio:
21161-10-08 = 50:1
21161-10-12 = 55:1
21161-10-25 = 50:1

The modular design enables the rotary stage to be easily combined with other items of the same size.
Drawing reference
Assembly position of position indicator:
a) top (standard)
b) right
c) bottom
d) left

All counterbores to DIN 74-Bm (D6)