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Positioning stages, long with electronic position indicator

  • Adjustments can be made without the need to loosen or clamp the spindle
  • Play-free axial backlash
  • With 0.01 indicator accuracy and large LCD display
  • Self-locking spindle
  • Modular design offers simple combination options
Special features:

from £392.45

plus sales tax


Bearing block and carriage aluminium alloy, anodised.
Guide columns stainless steel, ground.
Spindle stainless steel, rolled thread.
Guide bearing maintenance-free.
Position indicator plastic.
Radial play on guide < 0.02 mm.
No axial backlash.
Spindle self-locking, with additional lock.
The almost play-free guides and absolutely play-free spindle enables adjustment without the need to loosen or clamp the spindle.
Electronic position indicator with 0.01 mm display accuracy and large LCD display. Reset, chain dimension and offset settings can be made via the keypad.
2 years battery life. The battery is quick and easy to replace.
The mounting position of the position indicator is set in 4 positions using one screw.
The modular design enables the positioning stage to be easily combined with other items of the same size.
Drawing reference
Mounting position of the position indicator:
a) top (standard)
b) right
c) bottom not possible for 21124-25
d) left