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Magnetic tape scale with incremental coding, 5 mm pole length

  • Self-assembly possible
  • With additional cover band of stainless steel
  • Simple adhesive mounting
Special features:

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Magnetic tape, magnetised plastic sheet.
Carrier band steel.
Cover band stainless steel.
Scale with incremented coding.
Pole length 5 mm.
Simple adhesive mounting; self-assembly possible.
Required tape length calculated from:
measuring path + sensor length "L" + (2 x run or return "B").
L = see drawing of sensor used.
B = 10 mm (run and return).
Technical Data
- Coefficient of expansion (11 ± 1) x 10-6/K (spring steel)
Temperature range
- Ambient temperature -20–70°C
- Storage temperature -40–70°C
Installation using the pre-affixed double-sided adhesive tape must be carried out according to the enclosed user information.
Other lengths from 0.1–100 m, in increments of 0.1 m.
Relative humidity 100%. Dewing is permissible.
Drawing reference
1) Cover band A = 0.176 mm
2) Magnetic tape M = 1.0 mm
3) Carrier band T = 0.3 mm
4) Adhesive tape K = 0.1 mm
5) Required tape length = measuring path + L + 2 x B
6) Measuring path