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Adjusting knobs with position indicator digital display

  • Direct reading of set measured values
  • Selectable display value per spindle revolution
  • Can be used even with strong vibrations
Special features:

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Housing plastic.
Hollow shaft steel.
Screen plastic.
Housing fibreglass reinforced.
Hollow shaft black oxidised.
Adjusting knobs with integrated position indicators allow direct readout of set measurement values such as lengths, flow rates, speeds, etc, at a glance. In addition, the display value can be selected per spindle rotation (corresponding spindle pitch), with the different display values being realized by a variable ratio transmission. The torque support allows the use of the adjusting knobs in any assembly position, even in case of high vibrations. ** At the 1st asterisk give torque support and at the 2nd asterisk give the count direction (see sample order "torque support, count direction").
Technical Data
– Counter consisting of 4 10-position dials + fine scale – Height of figures about 6 mm – Hollow shaft Ø 14 H7 mm – Temperature resistant to 80 °C – Oil and solvent resistant
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