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Slides mini roller mounted

  • Very smooth running
  • Fastening holes can be used as tapped holes or through holes
  • Dimensioned for dynamic and static loads of up to 697 N
  • Service life of over 1 million lifting operations
  • Different sizes with strokes from 12 to 120 mm
Special features:

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Outer housing aluminium.
Carriage and bearing steel.
Outer housing black anodised.
Carriage and bearings ground.
Internal parts hardened.
Roller slides run very lightly and can be adjusted with the set screw “N”.
The fastening holes “K” can be used as tapped holes or through holes.
The stated permissible loads (F) are for a lifespan of 1 million travel cycles.
The torque values apply only to centred carriages.

F = permissible loading for dynamic and static loads.
TI = number of fastening holes E3/K inside
TA = number of fastening holes E1/M outside
GI = number of hole rows internal
K = thread M4 countersunk for M3 DIN 974-1