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Dovetail slides with micrometer spindle

  • Micrometer knurl with scale division 0.02 mm
  • Dimensioned for dynamic loads of up to 1078 N
  • Service life of over 1 million lifting operations
  • Different sizes with strokes from 25 to 100 mm
  • All outer faces are ground
Special features:

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GJL 250
Bright, ground.
The central set screw "N" can be replaced by a clamping lever 06460. The scale ring is graduated in 0.02 mm increments. Other graduations available on request.
The stated permissible load values (F) are designed for dynamic loads with a lifespan of 1 million travel cycles.
For static loads 10 times the value F is permitted.
The torque values apply only to centred carriages.

TI = number of fastening holes E/M inside
TA = number of fastening holes E/M outside