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Thrust screws / ball-end thrust screws
Nuts / screws / washers / securing elements
Other magnets
Other clamps / accessories
Knobs / ball knobs / spherical knobs
Accessories for gauge stands
Accessories for indexing plungers and ball lock pins
Angle joints
Axial joints
Ball lock pins
Cam levers
Cardan joints
Circular plates
Clamping joints
Clamping levers
Column system
Concentricity gauges
Crank handles / balanced crank handles
Drilling jigs
Filler necks / vent screws
Fixture clamps / fixture clamp screws
Gauge stands
Grub screws
Hook clamps / hook clamp holders
Indexing plungers
Knobs / ball knobs / spherical knobs
Knurled nuts / knurled screws / knurled knobs / knurling wheels
Latches / swing screws
Lateral spring plungers
Levelling feet accessories
Levelling sets
Linear ball bearings / linear plain bearings
Machine handles / taper grips
Measurement technology accessories
Monitor brackets
Nuts / screws / washers / securing elements
Oil level gauges
Oil level sight glasses
Other clamps / accessories
Palm grips / star grips
Plain bearing
Plates for levelling feet
Position indicator
Positioning feet
Pull handles
Push-pull toggle clamps / manual clamps
Quarter-turn lock
Recessed handles / recessed fold-down handles
Rest pads / locating pins
Rod ends
Rolling bearings
Round tubes / square tubes
Rubber buffers
Screw plugs / press-in plugs
Self-aligning pads
Shock absorbers
Spring plungers
Stepped clamps
T-grips / wing grips
Taper cleaners
Threaded Inserts
Toggle clamp accessories
Toggle clamps
Tools / workshop supplies
Torque grips / torque screws
Tubular connection system
Wheels / castors
Workpiece supports
Thrust screws / ball-end thrust screws
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