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Klüber bonded coating UNIMOLY C 220

  • For dry lubrication when subject to high loads
  • For lifetime lubrication of threaded spindles, hinge and dowel pins
  • Dry lubricant, no drips
Special features:

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Bonded coatings consist of a solid lubricant, bonding agent and solvent. After it has been applied and dried, the bonded coating forms a thin lubricating layer that reduces friction and wear. It is dry, adheres firmly to the surface and cannot drip.

For dry lubricating under high loads, oscillating movements or to counter stick-slip. For lifetime lubrication of screw spindles, hinge pins, cylinder pins and during assembly. Improves wear on gearwheels and sprockets, reduces friction on cap screws.

Dry lubricants cannot drip, therefore a pollution of the environment, as by oil or grease-based lubricants, can be excluded.