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Ballistol all-purpose oil in food industry quality

  • Rust protection, lubricating oil, care and cleaning agent in one
  • High creeping capacity
  • Ageing resistant
  • No resin formation
  • Food-safe
Special features:

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Ballistol all-purpose oil is approved in the foodstuff industry for product contact surfaces. All Ballistol components are biodegradable and harmless to the environment.
It is skin-friendly and completely harmless if accidentally swallowed.
As spray without CFC.

Ballistol as a high-quality special oil combines anti-rust, lubricating oil, maintenance and cleaning agent with high creep-ability and disinfection power all in one.

The all-purpose oil is used versatilely in machine and tool manufacturing, for the fabrication and maintenance of precision devices, scales and in light engineering.
Due to its high pharmaceutical quality, it is outstandingly suited for the foods processing sector.
It finds multiple use in industrial art, industry, agriculture, housekeeping, garden, for automobiles, fishing, hunting and shooting, in the maintenance of metal, wood, plastic, leather, rubber, skin, fur and much more.

Due to its low surface tension and terrific creep ability, it penetrates into the narrowest nooks and finest cracks.
Ballistol forms an alkaline protective film on metals, neutralises hand sweat and other acidic rust promoting residues and thus protects against corrosion.
Its oil base is medicinally clean white oil. It is non-ageing and does not resinify ven after years.

The packaging is tightly sealed, indefinitely durable.