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LOCTITE cleaner

  • CFC-free cleaner containing solvents
  • For cleaning and degreasing surfaces
  • For surface preparation before applying adhesives and sealants
  • Fast, residue-free evaporation

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Cleaning increases the quality of sealed and bonded joints.

LOCTITE super clean, 97990-7063…
CFC free solvent based cleaner, used to clean and degrease surfaces. Ideal for preparing surfaces before applying adhesives or sealants. Quick, residue-free drying.

LOCTITE super clean, 97990-7070400
CFC free solvent based cleaner, used especially for cleaning, degreasing and preparing plastic parts before applying adhesives. Can be used as a spray or immersion bath by room temperature or by higher temperatures. Removes most greases, oils, lubricating liquids, metal swarf and fine particles from plastic parts without the danger of stress cracking. Compatible with metals and most plastics and elastomers.

LOCTITE adhesive and sealant remover, 97990-7080300
This product is used to help remove hardened chemical flange sealants in that it softens the sealant on the flange and so prevents damage caused by forcible scraping. After application a foaming film is formed that prevents the product running off the surface being treated. This allows it to work on the flange sealant for the required time. Typical application is the removal of all liquid flange sealants from metal flanges.