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Neoprene connecting isolators, two-piece

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Isolating medium Neoprene.
External body steel.
Steel electro zinc-plated.
The two-part connection isolators are used to create a stable connection or efficient decoupling of machines or systems to adjacent components.

A load range of 10 to 285 kg can be covered.

The dimension H, is the height of the connecting isolators when installed.

Product hardness colour coding.
Yellow dot = Shore 35.
Red dot = Shore 45.
Green dot = Shore 55.
Blue dot = Shore 65.
White dot = Shore 75.
The lower part of the connecting isolator (P2) is pressed into the hole (D3) of the plate (P3). The plate P3 is in most cases the base plate on which the machine or system is mounted. Next, the upper part of the connecting isolator (P1) is pushed onto the lower part (P2). Finally, the connecting isolators and the base plate are screwed to the floor or another component using appropriate screws. It is recommended to place a washer between the upper part (P1) and the screw to protect the neoprene from the thread. The washer 07305-12 is recommended for the connecting isolators with D= 31.8 mm and the washer 07305-18 for the connecting insulators with D= 47.5 mm. The connecting isolators can be screwed on both vertically and horizontally. However, the different load ratings must be taken into account.
Temperature range
-30 °C to +80 °C.
- The temperature range must not be exceeded, otherwise the full function cannot be guaranteed.
- Not resistant to harsh cleaning agents, petrol and oils.
- To prevent damage to the neoprene, contact with sharp objects should be avoided.
- The height H must be maintained during installation to so that the connection isolator does not fall out.
The prescribed height of the base plate/side plate used (H2/H3) should be observed for optimum utilisation of the connecting isolators.