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Ball screw linear actuators rolled, with screw-in cylinder nut

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Spindle steel 1.1213.
Nut steel 1.3505.
Wiper plastic.
Spindle rolled, induction hardened to 62 ±2 HRC and polished.
Nut ground, flank induction hardened to 62 ±2 HRC and polished.
Ball screw linear actuators with Gothic arch profile and 5 mm or 10 mm pitch. Single-start, right-hand. Ball screw cylinder nut with screw-in thread acc. to ISO 3408 (DIN 69051).
Manufactured acc. to precision class C7 (tolerance ±50 µ / 300 mm). Without preloading with axial backlash P0 (max. 0.08 mm).
The nut must not be removed from the spindle without a mounting aid as the balls will fall out.
We can make ball screw spindles to your design from a detailed drawing.
Max. production lengths 5600 mm.

Other precision classes and preloading are available (see technical information).
Drawing reference
M) lubrication hole

Ball screws

Ball screw linear actuators from norelem are mostly used in machine tool construction. A typical example is the feed and rapid traverse on lathes and milling machines where a rotation is converted into a linear movement to position tools and workpieces.

In contrast to other screw drives where the flanks glide over each other, ball screw linear actuator have the advantage that much less friction is produced, leading to lower drive power and much higher linear speeds. They have much less wear and a higher positioning precision.