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Toothed belts by the metre T 10 profile

  • Preferred for drives with high flexural load
  • For very small diameter pulleys
  • Belts can be welded.

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Polyurethane (PU) with steel cord reinforcement.
Toothed belt with trapezoidal profile to DIN 7721 T1. Intended especially for drives subject to high bending loads. May be used for pulleys with a very small diameter. Generally used for linear drives, low-power transmission and transport applications. Polyurethane belts may be welded. The power transmission rating of welded belts drops by about 50%.

Width tolerance: ±0.5 mm
Thickness tolerance: ±0.2 mm
Other lengths.
With T5 pitch, in 5 mm increments.
With T10 pitch, in 10 mm increments.
Maximum belt length 100 metres.