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Clamping elements


Housing sintered steel, from size 5 EN-GJS-400-15.
Clamping arm S235JR steel.
Buffer natural rubber.
Screw steel.
Steel parts painted.
Screw ISO 4762, grade 8.8, electro zinc-plated.
Clamping element with integrated highly elastic, shape-retaining natural rubber buffer.

Together with a chain tensioner set, sprocket set or a tension pulley, the clamping element makes a ready-to-install tensioning unit suitable for tensioning chain and belt drives. Suitable for both tensioning directions. The clamping elements are maintenance-free and tear-off resistant.

The clamping element is fastened to the machine component through a bore. If necessary, a heavy-duty dowel pin can be inserted in the positioning notch “P” for torque support.
Temperature range
-55 °C to +85 °C.