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Lifting pins self-locking, stainless steel

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Pin stainless steel 1.4542.

Shackle stainless steel 1.4571.

Push button aluminium.
Pin hardened.
Ball lifting pins are quick and simple lifting devices with swing shackles.
The balls are unlocked by pressing the push button.
After releasing the push button, the ball is securely locked.
– Protected against corrosion and weather-resistant
– High-strength, hardened, extremely durable pin.
– TÜV-tested.

Values X min., F1, F2 and F3 with 5x safety factor.
Temperature range
max. +250 °C.

Ball lifting pins

The TÜV-certified self-locking ball lifting pins with swing shackles from norelem are used for lifting and holding individual loads. The functional mechanism is exactly the same as with the ball lock pin: By pressing the push button, both balls at the bottom end can be unlocked. When the push button is released, the balls automatically lock in place securely.
 norelem offers self-locking ball lifting pins in both steel and stainless-steel versions. They are also available in various sizes.