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Adjustment nuts

13 Products


Clamping screws carbon steel.
Black oxidised.
Clamping screws ISO 4762, grade 12.9.
Two screw parts that are elastically connected are tightened against each other with screws.
The adjustment nut is constructed rotationally symmetric. There are no unbalancing keyways or slots.
The adjustment nut can be axially deformed and must be handled with care. The clamping screws may only be tightened when the adjustment nut is completely screwed onto the spindle thread, otherwise the adjustment nut could become defective through unacceptable plastic deformation.

Adjusting nuts

Adjustment nuts can be used to e.g. precisely position spindles. A pre-requisite for this is that the adjustment nut remains in position when the spindle rotates. The desired position is fixated by two opposing round nuts. They are joined together elastically and can only be turned using a pin spanner in the holes in the nut face.

The norelem product range includes 13 different types of adjustment nuts.