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05990-20 H

Status sensors, stainless steel with bracket, Form H, for horizontal toggle clamps

  • Monitor toggle clamp actuated status
  • Sensor
  • Process control
  • Attachment for existing toggle clamps
  • Individually adjustable
Special features:

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Status sensors with brackets are used to monitor the actuated status of toggle clamps.
The sensor detects whether the toggle clamp is open or closed and enables this status information to be processed electronically.
The sensor is attached to the toggle clamp via the bracket.
Stainless steel
The status sensor and brackets are supplied unassembled.
Technical Data
Inductive sensor:
Output circuit: PNP NO
Operating voltage: 10 - 30 V DC
Operating current: 100 mA
Contact gap: 0.8 mm
Switch frequency: 5000 Hz
Short-circuit proof: yes
Reverse polarity protection: yes
Rating: IP 67
Connection type: 0.3 m cable, PUR with plug
Temperature range: -25 °C - +70 °C
Approvals: CE, c UL us, EAC
The status sensor is fastened to the bracket with the nuts and set to dimension L1.
The bracket is attached with the toggle clamp screws through holes between the foot and the mounting surface.
The switch point fine-tuning is carried out once the toggle clamp is mounted.
The detailed procedure is described in the assembly instructions.
Status sensors are not suitable for protecting people.
Drawing reference
1) LED-indicator

BN = brown
BK = black
BU = blue