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Quarter-turn locks compact with wing grip


Housing and actuator die-cast zinc.
Nut brass.
O-ring NBR, flat seal CR.
Tongue steel.
Housing trivalent passivated.
Actuator black powder-coated.
Nut and tongue electro zinc-plated.
This quarter-turn lock is vibration-resistant through a detent mechanism in the end position. Right or left mounting with 90° closing and internal rotation limit. The quarter-turn lock can be installed pre-assembled (limitations by small A-dimensions and thick doors).

Water and dust proof as per IP65 through O-ring and flat seal.

The lockable quarter-turn locks are supplied with 2 keys. The key can be removed in both positions (opened and closed). The cylinder locks have a single key system i.e. the same key works in all locks (cylinder lock 2233).

Order the required tongue version separately. Every tongue can be combined with every housing.