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Compression latches


Housing, actuator and nut die-cast zinc.
Flat seal CR.
Tongue steel.
Housing and actuator trivalent passivated.
Nut and tongue electro zinc-plated.
Compression quarter-turn locks are primarily used for doors and housings that require a higher pressure force on the seal. For right or left use. The locking process is always clockwise. The quarter-turn lock can be installed pre-assembled. Vibration-resistant thanks to spring-loaded detent mechanism in the "locked" end position. Tested according to DIN EN 60068-2-64 (vibration) and DIN EN 60068-2-27 (shock), test standard 61373. Vibration-proof as per the requirements for rail applications category 1, class B (=highest requirement).

Water and dustproof as per IP65.

Please order required tongue version separately. Every tongue can be combined with every housing.
Turning the actuator clockwise rotates the tongue 90° and brings it into the closed position. A further 90° rotation pulls the tongue in, increasing the pressure on the frame. The axial travel is 6 mm. With marking on housing for "locked" position.
Drawing reference
a) square 8 mm
b) double lug 3 mm
c) double lug 5 mm
d) triangle 8 mm