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05665 OE

Mini clamp without end position feedback

  • Automatable
  • Operation with dry, oil-free air
  • Self-locking prevents the clamping arm opening autonomously.
  • Toggle clamps and power clamps are used in assembly and workholding fixtures
  • Application sectors: machine construction, welding technology, metal processing, woodworking, plastics industry
Special features:

from £313.08

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Casing high-tensile aluminium.
Clamping arm steel.
Clamping arm black oxidised.
The mini clamp is characterised by its small dimensions, positioning accuracy of the clamping arm and light construction. Mini clamps are fully self-limiting. The clamping force is guaranteed even when the pressure is removed through the over dead-centre position of the toggle lever on the clamping arm. The permanent lubrication and special bearing bushings make the mini clamps maintenance-free. They can be operated using dry, oil-free air.