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Side clamps


Body steel 1.1191.
Black oxidised.
Centring bush hardened.
The unit comprises of an adjustable side clamp and a side stop and are used to clamp workpieces with a simultaneous positive down force. The side clamp has two DIN 913 grub screws which can be set to prevent backward slippage during clamping.

Side clamps

Clamping and holding down in a single working step? This is now possible thanks to the adjustable side clamps and side stops.

The side clamp acts as a clamping guard, while two grub screws ensure that there is no backwards slippage during the clamping process. The side stop, on the other hand, converts the clamping force into downward force and therefore guarantees that the workpiece for machining is efficiently held down.

norelem offers the assembly in two different versions.