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Locating adapters, flange, stainless steel, pneumatic


Clamped using compressed air. If the pressure fails, tension is retained by a spring.
A spring force of 6 N must be overcome to release the positioning adapters using compressed air.
Body, stainless steel.
Seal, NBR.
Stainless steel bright.
Note for ordering
M3x28 cap screws for fastening from below are supplied.
M4 cap screws for fasteing from above are not supplied.
Installed dimensions for plate thickness 6 mm.
The stated clamping and retaining forces are related to an operating pressure of 0.5 Mpa.
When using several positioning units, the distance tolerance of ± 0.1 mm should not be exceeded.
Repeat accuracy ±0.2 mm.
Drawing reference
1) "Clamping" connection
2) "Release" connection
3) M3 cap screw
4) M4 cap screw
5) Clamping pin
6) Locating fixture