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Mandrel collet for small bores


Stainless steel 1.4305.
The mandrel collet is used in small through bores to position and clamp workpieces. Clamping is carried out manually from above using a hex key. The mandrel diameter can be ground to suit the application. The bore for the mandrel should have an H7 tolerance.

D min = smallest permissible diameter to which D can be ground.

- applicable for holes from Ø5 to Ø12.5 mm
- compact design, small installation space
- simple handling
- mounting in any position
- different installation types possible
- surface pressure protects the workpiece surface
- individually adaptable to the diameter
Technical Data
The tightening torque max. Nm given in the table refers to the spanner size AF2.
If required, diameter D can be adapted to suit the diameter being held. To do this, expand the mandrel collet ca. 0.2 mm over the required diameter. Grind the OD of the mandrel collet to suit the ID of the workpiece bore.