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Clamping towers, grey cast iron, 4-sided, with pre-machined clamping faces


GJL 300.
Support and clamping faces are precision-machined.
The clamping faces have a +1 mm allowance.
Clamping towers with pre-machined clamping faces provide a fast and economic way of producing bodies with specific grid or individual holes. The base is ready for mounting on the machine table. The clamping faces can be machined to the end dimensions by the user. The clamping towers conform to machine tables for machine tools acc. to DIN 55201 and JIS6337-1980.
Please order locating pins for positioning subplates on machine tables acc. to DIN 55201 separately.
Ring bolts for hoisting are supplied.
Other dimensions available on request.
other dimensions.
Drawing reference
1) hole for DIN 912 cap screw (D3/D4)