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Wedge clamps with fixed jaw for multi-clamping system


The functioning principle make the wedge clamps ideal for multi-clamping. The wedge shape creates high clamping forces. Tightening the clamping screw moves the clamping segments outwards and press the workpieces against the fixed jaws.
The wedge has a slightly elongated hole allowing for movement to compensate for tolerances.
Displacement: M12 = ±1 mm.
Wedge and jaw segments carbon steel.
Double wedge and clamping segments hardened, black oxidised.
These wedge clamps can only be used in conjunction with the clamping rail 41500 for multiple clamping.
The lateral fastening holes are used to fasten workpiece stops.
The two screw-on holes in the clamping faces also enable seating ledges to be mounted so as to optimise the clamping depth of the workpieces.
The lateral scale on the clamping rail and the fixed jaw guarantees a very high repeat clamping accuracy.
Scope of delivery
Wedge clamps
Fastening screws.
Slot keys.
Drawing reference
Form A: Smooth jaw face
Form B: Serrated jaw facet
Form C: With step
Form D: With machining allowance
Form E: With jaw pins