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Fixed jaws DS for multi-clamping system


Tool steel.
Hardened and ground (HRC 55 ±2).
There are three different fixed jaw versions to choose from:
- Smooth version Form A for pre-machined workpieces.
- Serrated version Form B for raw parts.
- Offset jaws Form C for clamping with a small clamping edge.
The lateral fastening holes are used to fasten workpiece end stops. The two screw-on holes on the clamping surfaces also allow seating ledges to be mounted so as to optimise the clamping depth of the workpieces.
The DS fixed jaws are positioned on the clamping rails according to the clamping situation.
When the fastening screw is tightened, the toothing allows a form-fit connection to be created.
Fixed jaws with two fastening screws are to be preferred where higher machining forces are to be applied.
The lateral scale on the clamping rails and the fixed jaws allows precise positioning of the fixed stops.
Scope of delivery
DS fixed jaw.
Fastening screw.
Slot key.