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Machine feet, Form A

  • Universal elements for the elastic support of all types of machine
  • Application sectors: machine construction, ship building
  • Used to avoid horizontal movements
  • Prevents transfer of vibration and noise
  • Version: without or with shear protection
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Steel electro zinc-plated.
These machine feet have proven themselves to be universally applicable elements for the elastic support of all types of machine. They are commonly used wherever large horizontal movements are to be avoided. The horizontal rigidity is higher in all directions than the vertical rigidity. If used correctly they are excellent at preventing the transfer of vibration and noise.

Machine feet with shear protection are available for situations where tensile forces are to be expected.

The indicated load data are reference values for static loads by rubber hardness of Shore 60A.

In contrast to those in the drawing, the holes D2 can also be elongated holes.
Rubber hardness Shore 40 or 70 A.