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Spring hinges aluminium profile tension spring hinges, 0.7 Nm, spring closed

  • Connect two fixed components flexibly to each other
  • Application sectors: machine construction, furniture construction, doors, hatches, hoods
  • Self-closing
  • DIN 912 cap screw included
  • Temperature range -20° C to +80 °C
Special features:

from £14.19

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Aluminium 6060 T5.
End caps PA 6.6.
Washers POM.
Black anodised.
Colourless anodised.
The hinges are equipped with an integrated steel tension spring. This allows automatic opening and closing of doors and hatches.
Opening angle 180°.

Spring torque:
M(0°) : 0.23 Nm / M(90°) : 0.45 Nm / M(180°) : 0.7 Nm

These hinges are designed for more than 30,000 switching cycles.

Fastening with socket head screws as described in DIN 912/ DIN EN ISO 4762.

The loading values given for the hinges are non-binding reference values, which do not consider safety factors and exclude any liability. The values given are for information purposes only and do not constitute a legally binding assurance of properties.
These load values were determined under laboratory conditions. Each user must determine individually whether the hinge is suitable for the respective application.
Wide differences in the materials on which the hinges are installed, the type of mounting, weather conditions and wear, can influence the determined values.
Temperature range
From -20°C to +80°C