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O-shaped mounts

  • Very soft spring characteristics
  • For low-vibration bearing of instruments and electrical components
  • For fastening light assemblies and precision mechanical equipment
  • Temperature range: -30 °C to +80 °C
Special features:

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Metal parts, steel, grade 5.6.
Elastomer natural rubber, medium hardness, Shore 57A.
Steel electro zinc-plated.
O-shapes mounts have a very soft spring characteristic, which is why they are also called low-frequency supports. They serve for low-vibration support of instruments, and electrical components, as well as for mounting light assemblies and precision mechanical equipment.

The spring characteristic of the O-shaped mounts increases in the order X, Y and Z. The main load direction is the longitudinal axis of the threaded bolts (Z direction).

Temperature range
-30°C to +80°C