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Trapezoidal thread spindles single-start, RH or LH thread

  • Corresponding to the dimensions and requirements of DIN 103
  • Standard thread forms are self-locking
  • No separate lock is required in the rest position
  • High precision
  • Version: steel or stainless steel
Special features:

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Steel 1.0401 (C15) or stainless steel 1.4301 (whirled spindles stainless steel 1.4305).
Steel rolled, bright.
Stainless steel up to Tr 40x7 rolled, above this whirled, bright.
Rolled, high precision trapezoidal thread spindles. ISO trapezoidal thread based on DIN 103.

The trapezoidal thread spindle is a transmission thread with relatively high friction. Standard thread forms are self-locking. This has the advantage that they generally do not need to be secured in the rest position.

Tolerance class 7e
Pitch precision 0.3/300 mm
Length sawed with excess, ends not deburred.