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Trapezoidal thread spindles double-start, RH thread

  • Corresponding to the dimensions and requirements of DIN 103
  • No separate lock is required in the rest position
  • High feed movement
  • High precision
  • Version: steel or stainless steel
Special features:

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Low-carbon steel 1.0401 (C15) or stainless steel 1.4301.
Steel, rolled, bright.
Stainless steel, rolled, bright.
Rolled trapezoidal thread spindles with high precision.
ISO trapezoidal thread based on DIN 103.

The feed movement is twice as high with double-start spindles as it is with single-start trapezoidal thread spindles. There is no self-locking due to the high pitch.

Description of a double-start thread drive based on Tr 12x6 P3.
Tr = trapezoidal thread.
12 = OD.
6 = Thread pitch (axial movement after one rotation).
P3 = distance between the two threads.

Tolerance class 7e
Pitch precision 0.3/300 mm
Length sawed with excess, ends not deburred.