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Pillow block bearing flange type

  • With a sealed, single-row ball bearing or plastic slide bearing
  • Compensates for misalignments on the shaft
  • Plastic housing prevents growth of microorganisms
  • Internal diameter of the bearings with plus-tolerance
  • Maintenance-free and corrosion protected
Special features:

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Housing plastic.

Ball bearing stainless steel 1.4112.

Plain bearing insert POM.

Bushes and grease nipple stainless steel 1.4301.
Plain bearing insert white.
Housing green.
Stainless steel parts bright.
The housings are very robust, hard wearing and shock proof. They are resistant to most alkaline solutions, weak acids (PH 4-9) and brines. In contrast to cast or steel housings the special plastic in these housings prevent the formation of micro-organisms.
Drawing reference
1) ball bearing
2) plain bearing