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Ball screw linear actuators rolled, with screw-in cylinder nut

  • For conversion of a rotary motion into a linear motion and vice versa
  • High precision
  • High efficiency ratio
  • Spindle inductively hardened and polished
  • Nut track inductively hardened and polished
Special features:

On request


Spindle steel 1.1213.
Nut steel 1.3505.
Wiper plastic.
Spindle rolled, induction hardened to 62 ±2 HRC and polished.
Nut ground, flank induction hardened to 62 ±2 HRC and polished.
Ball screw linear actuators with Gothic arch profile and 5 mm or 10 mm pitch. Single-start, right-hand. Ball screw cylinder nut with screw-in thread acc. to ISO 3408 (DIN 69051).
Manufactured acc. to precision class C7 (tolerance ±50 µ / 300 mm). Without preloading with axial backlash P0 (max. 0.08 mm).
The nut must not be removed from the spindle without a mounting aid as the balls will fall out.
We can make ball screw spindles to your design from a detailed drawing.
Max. production lengths 5600 mm.

Other precision classes and preloading are available (see technical information).
Drawing reference
M) lubrication hole