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Quick-fit couplings with radial offset compensation

  • Simple and robust
  • Versatile use
  • Compatible with all common pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
  • Versions: male or female thread
Special features:

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Coupling part and claw in steel.
Nut (DIN 439) in steel, grade 8.8.
Coupling part and flange tempered and phosphated.
Nut black oxidised.

Quick-fit couplings with radial offset compensation for multiple applications, e.g. as a link between a piston rod and a linear-movement unit. Assembly and disassembly of this simple, solid and two-part coupling is carried out by means of a T-slot; a manual re-adjustment is not necessary. The quick-fit coupling can be linked to all commonly used pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders via the connecting thread.

The quick-fit coupling does not transmit any torque.