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Thrust washers

  • Support of axial loads with rotating movement
  • Maintenance-free
  • Very low wear and coefficient of friction
  • No stick-slip effect
  • High chemical resistance
Special features:

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Base material, steel.
Intermediate layer sintered bronze.
Bearing surface PTFE.
Steel electro zinc-plated.
Maintenance-free steel composite bearings particularly suitable for dry running. Also highly suitable for lubricated applications (oil lubrication). They take up axial loads by rotating movements. The axial loads that occur can be both cyclic or permanent. Very low wear and friction, no stick-slip effect. High chemical resistance, low water absorption.
Technical Data
Static load: max. 250 N/mm²
Dynamic load: max. 140 N/mm²
Friction coefficient, dry: 0.03 to 0.20
Sliding speed, dry: max. 2 m/s
Sliding speed, oil lubricated: max. 5 m/s
Thermal conductivity: 42 W(m*K)-1
Thermal expansion coefficient: 11*10-6 K-1
Temperature range: -195°C to +280°C