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Bevel gears

  • Ideal for drive with electric motors
  • Different arrangements of drives and outputs possible
  • Maintenance-free
  • Direction of rotation is arbitrary
  • Hardened bevel gear with ball bearings
Special features:

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Housing die-cast zinc.
Bevel gears steel.
Housing bright.
Bevel gears surface hardened.
Ball bearing with sealing washer RS.
Universally applicable and maintenance-free bevel gear, particularly suitable for drives with electric motors. The housing is sealed to prevent grease leakage and keep dust out. Can be mounted in any position. The rotation direction is arbitrary.

Drive and output over a hexagon socket.

This bevel gear transmission is ideal for use as a diversion drive, distribution transmission or gear reducer for electric motors; e.g. for louvre or actuators in special machine constructions.
Technical Data
Duty cycle: 20% (at 5 min.)
Temperature range
-20 °C to +40 °C.
Drawing reference
1) For DIN 7500 M5 self-tapping screws.