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Sprocket sets

  • For tensioning roller chains
  • Compatible with all clamping elements
  • Ball bearing sealed on both sides
  • Sprocket can be moved on the screw
  • Spacer sleeves ensure correct chain guidance
Special features:

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Sprocket steel.
Ball bearing chrome steel.
Screw and nut steel.
Sprocket teeth hardened to HRC 50, electro zinc-plated.
Ball bearing with sealing discs 2Z-C3.
Screw ISO 4017, grade 8.8, electro zinc-plated.
Nut ISO 4035, grade 8, electro zinc-plated.
For tensioning roller chains. The sprocket set can be combined with all tensioning elements to form a ready-to-install chain clamp. The ball bearings are sealed both sides, permanently lubricated and maintenance-free.

The sprocket can be moved on the screw and thus adapted to the chain track. With the duplex and triplex version, precision spacer sleeves ensure correct chain guidance.

Rigid mounting without a tensioning element is also possible. Can also be used as an idler sprocket.
Temperature range
-40 °C to +120 °C.