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Linear gantry module with round guides

  • With hardened precision steel shafts and ball guide bushes
  • High load capacity through rigid aluminium profile
  • Travel max. 5 m
  • Piston force max. 640 N
  • Repeat accuracy ±0.02 mm
Special features:

from £1,554.39

plus sales tax


Body, carriage and flange plate aluminium alloy.
Guide shafts steel.
Body anodised natural colour.
Carriage and flange plate anodised.
Rail guides hardened.
Portal modules with precision steel shafts and ball guide bushes. Pneumatic drive through a rodless cylinder. High load rating due to stiffened self-supporting aluminium profiles. The modules can be mounted in any position.
Specified loads apply to dynamic loads.

Repeat accuracy ±0.02 mm.
Temperature range
+5 °C to +70 °C
* Other lengths (travel C max. 5000 mm) and intermediate positions.