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Ball-end thrust screws without head with flattened ball and rotation lock

  • Serve as supports, stops and thrust pads
  • Application sectors: machine and fixture construction, assembly
  • ball point hardened
  • Ideal for non-parallel surfaces
  • Moving ball can be adjusted by up to 9°
Special features:

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Screw, high-carbon steel, grade 10.9
Ball, ball-bearing steel.
Screw black.
Ball hardened, bright.
Surfaces which are not flat and parallel can be firmly clamped or supported with with a flattened ball, the movable ball can adapt itself up to 9°.
Longer versions have been designed especially to be glued in. This allows mechanical connecting elements with external thread to be made cost-effectively for small and medium-sized series.
The ball has a rotation lock.
Drawing reference
Form BV: flattened ball non-rotating
Form FV: flattened ball diamond grip non-rotating