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Joints without clamping levers

  • For connecting two profiles at any angle
  • Adjustment range: 0° to 180°
  • Also applicable as heavy duty hinge
  • Compatible with all conventional aluminium profiles
Special features:

from £10.90

plus sales tax


Joint die-cast zinc.
Fasteners die-cast zinc.
Spacer rings stainless steel.
Tapped bush and countersunk screws steel.
Joint painted aluminium tone.
Fasteners electro zinc-plated.
Spacer rings bright.
Tapped bushes and countersunk screws electro zinc-plated.
Joints for connecting two profiles at any angle.
The adjustment range is 0° to 180°. The joint can also be used as a heavy hinge.

When the spacer rings are inserted, the joint can move freely. When these are removed, the joint can be used as a rigid angle element. The joints are particularly suitable for use as adjustable brackets, swivel arms or similar applications.